From Science to Performance

Today You Enter
the New Era
of the Sisthaemic Dermal Regeneration


SISTHAEMA HEVO T introduces a new approach to aesthetic treatment, the sisthaemic dermal regeneration, able to improve the quality and health of the skin, rejuvenating it continuously for weeks after the treatment.

Long-lasting and continuous dermal regeneration

SISTHAEMA HEVO T is the result of scientific innovations and of the application of patented production technologies standing out from all existing injectable medical devices thanks to unique and exclusive characteristics. The rejuvenating effect of SISTHAEMA HEVO T is visible from the first treatment; unlike products such as skin-boosters or biostimulants though, SISTHAEMA HEVO T keeps acting for a much longer period of time in the skin, continuously stimulating the production of cross-linked collagen, type III. Type III collagen is prevalent in young skin and gives a soft and natural appearance to it. This continuous and long-lasting regeneration effect of SISTHAEMA HEVO T is in part made possible by the innovative and unique combination of hyaluronic acid and trehalose.


The hyaluronic acid contained in SISTHAEMA HEVO T is processed in a particular way; through the Selective Spectrum Technology (SST) the most suitable molecular weight spectrums are selected for the treatment, maximizing the effectiveness of the final product. In addition, different molecular weights are included in the injectable gel, to increase the softness of the product as well as the tensive and moisturizing effect. The fragmentation of hyaluronic acid in SISTHAEMA HEVO T helps stimulate the production of type III collagen more effectively. To do all this, we use a high purity hyaluronic acid, defined as “pharma” grade, to maximize quality and safety for the end-user. Next to hyaluronic acid there is trehalose, a sugar-like molecule, capable of protecting hyaluronic acid from degradation processes while maintaining its characteristics and therefore its regenerative effects much longer. Trehalose is also able to attract significant quantities of water, thus providing an additional moisturizing effect that enhances the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid.


SISTHAEMA HEVO T is injected with retrograde linear technique; a specific technique was also developed with the aim of maximizing and enhancing the aesthetic results of SISTHAEMA HEVO T, the TENSE Technique. This technique, as the name suggests, gives a tightening effect and is designed to treat specific areas where the skin tends to lose firmness and elasticity with time. Several demonstrations of the technique and video tutorials are available for medical personnel in the Prainatti Fanhbley Web Academy, by clicking HERE